Ring Exchange

Ring Exchanges – Two Options!

With Covid Concerns  Fading,  we have two options for you to exchange your ring if it doesn’t fit very well.  You can still mail it in for exchange, or you can go to our office to exchange in person, your choice.  Each is explained in detail below.

Option 1 – Mail it in to us!

If your ring doesn’t fit very well, just pop it in an envelope, put a stamp on, and mail it to us! You will need to tell us if you want to go bigger or smaller, and by how much.  You could get any jewelry shop to size your finger for you, and let us know what size ring you need, or just ask for a half size  larger or smaller.  You could go for a full  size change if it is really off, but better to get the jeweler confirm if that is the case. There is no charge for this.

Self addressed stamped envelope.  Now comes the really old school part. In addition to your ring and your note asking for a larger or smaller ring, you will need to  prepare another envelope with your own address and another stamp on it, and put this envelope inside the one you send to us. In other words include a stamped, self addressed envelope.

We will mail your new ring to you in the envelope that you provide us. Depending on Canada Post of course, you should get your new ring back within a few weeks. Simple, right!

Don’t want to part with your ring? If you can’t bear to part with it you can just go to our office and exchange it there, the details are below.

OK,  grab a pen or pencil and copy this down!  Just kidding, you can cut and paste the following address, but you will need to write it on your first envelope…

Camp 18, 30 Cathedral Rd NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 4K3

Option 2 – Go to the office!

Our office is open  from 10 AM – 4PM Monday to Thursday, closed on statutory holidays, no appointment necessary, just come during the designated hours

You must register so we know you are coming.  We will send  you an email with the address and other details after you submit.  There is no charge to exchange your ring, but you must bring it  with  you in order to exchange it!

Ring Exchange Booking

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