Q: I've lost my ring and need a replacement, Can I do that?

Yes you Can!  Just go to the ring replacement Page  to order your new ring. You must have gotten your ring from Camp 18, and you will need to tell us what year that was. We can accomodate people from other camps, but  you should try your original camp first please.

Q: I got my ring some time ago and it doesn't fit very well. Can I exchange it?

Yes you Can!  We have two options for you, the Ring Exchange page has all the details. You can either exchange it at our office downtown, or mail it to us. No charge in either case.

Q: I'm about to receive an undergraduate Engineering degree from a Canadian university in a few months. Can I get a Ring?

Yes you Can!  Just register for the next ceremony. We normally hold two each year, in March and November. Check the Ceremonies page for more information.

Q: I did not get my undergraduate degree from a Canadian Engineering school. Can I still get a ring?

Yes you can! You will need to register with APEGA as a P.Eng or EIT.   Just provide your APEGA number when you register for the next Ritual. Sorry, registration With APEGA as a PL does not qualify. Your Canadian Masters degree does not qualify you either.

Q: I registered for the last ceremony and was not able to attend. Will you send a ring to me?

Sorry, we can’t do that. You must attend the Ritual to receive your ring. You will have to register and attend the next event, and yes, that means you will have to pay again when  you register.

Q: Can I bring a guest?

Yes you can! You are allowed two guests for in person ceremonies at no charge.  They do not need to be engineers, anybody can attend as a guest.

Q: I would like my parent/other family member/boss/good friend who is an Obligated Engineer to put my ring on my finger. Can I do this?

Yes you Can!  Anyone of significance to you who already has an iron ring is allowed to place your ring on your finger. It should be someone with some years of experience though, you can’t have another classmate do this for you.  This person does not count as a guest.

Q: I registered but won't be able to attend the ceremony, can you just send me a ring?

Sorry, we can’t do that.  You must attend the Ritual  during which you will receive your ring.  We do not mail out rings to people who have not attended the Ritual. You can cancel your registration up to two weeks in advance of the Ceremony.