Camp 18 Ring Replacement

We have updated  our ring replacement process to make things faster and easier for you.

If you originally got your ring from camp 18, just click yes and enter your name (middle is optional, leave it out to start please, older records may have your middle name in the same field as your first name)  and the year that you took the obligation.  The site will check that you are in our database, and then let you change your ring size that we have on record if you wish.  If the ring size doesn’t show up, sorry,  we don’t have it on record.  You will have to get a jeweler to size your finger and enter the size you need. If you plan to pick it up from the office, just enter your best guess, and we will size it when you get there.

If you did not get your ring from us, click no, and you will be able to link to the list of Iron Ring Camps across Canada to contact the Camp that you got your ring from and  order a replacement from them.

We have added the option for you to either pick up your ring downtown at our office, Monday to Thursday 10-4 PM, or to have it mailed to you.  We are a volunteer organization, so we process orders and mail them out  at the end of each month. The confirmation Email we will send you once you place your order contains the office location and hours.

If you got your ring from our camp but we can’t find you in the database, don’t worry.  Just go to the contact page and drop us a note explaining that you could not get in, we will figure it out.  Don’t forget that if you changed your name we will need the name that you used when you took the obligation with us.